The University of Exeter is launching a new Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) in Environmental Intelligence (EI) that will pioneer new research in using Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to understand the complex interactions between the environment, climate, natural ecosystems, human social and economic systems, and health. The increasing availability of large and complex data sets from diverse sources (e.g. environmental monitoring; satellite remote sensing; climate modelling; electronic medical records; social media; and contributions from citizen science) presents an exceptional opportunity to transform our understanding of both the effects of environmental change and our planet-transforming power.

Environmental Intelligence (EI) is the integration of data from these multiple inter-related sources to provide the evidence and tools that are required for informed decision-making, improved risk management, and the technological innovation that will lead us towards a more sustainable interaction with the natural environment.

Our website contains information about the CDT, the programme, the team involved and how to apply, but if you have any questions that aren’t answered on here then please use the Contact Form  or email us at: