The vision of this CDT is to enhance society’s resilience to changes in our environment through the development of Environmental Intelligence (EI):  using the integration of data from multiple inter-related sources and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide evidence for informed decision-making, increase our understanding of environmental challenges and provide information that is required by individuals, policy-makers, institutions and businesses.

The CDT offers a 4 year training programme and students in the CDT will receive training in the range of skills required to become a leader in EI:

  1. the computational skills required to analyse data from a wide variety of sources;
  2. expertise in environmental challenges;
  3. an understanding of the governance, ethics and the potential societal impacts of collecting, mining, sharing and interpreting data, together with the ability to communicate and engage with a diverse range of stakeholders.

The training programme has been designed to be open to students with a range of backgrounds relevant to the application of Data Science and AI to environmental challenges.